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AdultFriendFinder, as the title itself says, is a site dedicated to free time dating and oriented towards sex. Born in 1996, it is one of the oldest, if not the longest-running, adult dating sites. Nothing here is further from the search for a soul mate. Do not expect to find courting or fuss around setting up the first date and getting to know each other, you don’t go too far, you say who we are, what you are looking for and the site puts you in contact with possible “preys” based on our preferences and our place of residence. It is therefore evident that we are talking about a site dedicated to adults and consenting people, who know very well what they are going to encounter by subscribing to this service.

adult friend finder review

Free Registration – It’s Real!

Registration is completely free and there is also a subscription service with numerous additional features. There are about one and a half million members in Italy, distributed in different ways between men and women: at the moment there are about 1.3 million men and 110,000 women. All this, however, should not suggest a strong imbalance, given and considered the percentage of men is decidedly higher than that of women, in reality the subscribers to a paid subscription are about 5%, which therefore allows them to be in “pole position” with respect to the various prey.

Alongside the free membership there is, as we said, a paid one, on the basis of which the member can count on numerous other additional functions such as the ability to contact the potential mate more actively thanks to live messaging and webcam services. Belonging to this circuit is in fact a guarantee for those looking for spicy adventures even if they are already in a relationship. In this way the contact is made through the site, thus leaving the respective partners unaware and taking no risks. You can also use the “who saw me” function to find out who is interested in your profile and get to the point first.

How to create an account?

To register and login to Adult Friend Finder, just provide some of our data and complete your profile: what gender we are and looking for what we go. Then you just have to wait and wait for the site to signal us some possible pairings or for some other member to contact us. Quick, easy and functional to a fault. However, one thing must be said: the subscription is automatically renewed, so if you intend to cancel it to avoid this occurrence, it is necessary to do so within the time stipulated in the contract.

Pros That Make AdultFriendFinder The Best of Adult Dating Sites

✅ AdultFriendFinder is a worldwide community.

Other sites arguably also allow you to explore profiles from all over the world, but on Adult Friend Finder the distance barriers are much less noticeable: the system is set up to show you profiles and contents on the homepage even of people very far from you. If you want to search only for local profiles, you have to use the advanced search, because by default you are shown a bit of everything… while usually the opposite is true.

✅ AdultFriendFinder is not just a casual dating site, but a real social network.

It is possible to keep your own blog, write posts that receive likes and comments like on Facebook, broadcast live videos, chat in themed rooms and much more. This strengthens the “global” vocation of Adult Friend Finder we were talking about in the previous point.

✅ AdultFriendFinder is full of pornographic materials.

There is no type of censorship practiced at Enter at your own risk… no pun intended.

✅ AdultFriendFinder is full of real profiles.

Lots of men, several women, several couples. Probably more than you can imagine (or at least, I expected far fewer people).

✅ On AdultFriendFinder you can earn money by performing on cam.

Quite self-explanatory: users can give tips to people who perform… there are even vibrators that are activated with the sound that is emitted when a user enters the room: whoever decides to wear this sex toy receives a certain amount of credits with every click it receives.

adult friend finder profiles

What Are The Minuses? Why Don’t Some People Meet on AFF?

From these findings, we can conclude in this Adult Friend Finder review that it is not exactly a dating site, but rather a community that loves porn and self-eroticism. In short, most people are there to give themselves solitary pleasure and are not interested in going out in real life. If this is what you are looking for, you have arrived in a little paradise; if not, you will be disappointed.

For those who want to meet people live, the situation is a little more complicated. It is true that there are many couples, but if you are interested in swinger games and the like, there are sites that are more appropriate as they are free and more frequented by people from your country. If, on the other hand, you are interested in meeting a single woman, there are several in this case too, but practically none under 30. Most are between 35 and 50, and if this is your target and you live in a city of at least medium size, you will surely find some active profiles.

Adult Friend Finder: Pricing and Membership

Here we come to a sore point. To do anything interesting (including writing to our contacts) you need not a very cheap subscription – we are talking about $20 per month, to which you must add the Standard Contacts option ($18\month) if you really want to take full advantage of all potential of the site. In short, if all goes well to test the site start $38 (not a few), and you also have to do it with the risk that your card receives unauthorized charges.

adult friend finder price

Conclusion about AdultFriendFinder Website

In summary, we can say that among the various sex dating sites AdultFriendFinder, from the top of its twenty years of experience, is one of the best portals of its kind. Adult Friend Finder is a site that is not for me: I am interested in dating sites to meet other girls live, but I am not particularly interested in pornography… and on the first side, AdultFriendFinder has its own why, but it does not stand up to comparison with its competitors for economic reasons: 38€ without any possibility of discounts or trial periods are in my opinion too many.

Nonetheless, we cannot fail to note that there are many real profiles, belonging to people verified through the meticulous work of the staff, who seem to have a lot of fun.

Also, you are not bombarded with messages from blatantly fake users trying to extort something from me – another sign of this community’s seriousness Adult Friend Finder is, therefore, a site that honestly keeps its promises: depending on what your goals are, you might find a lot of fun around here.

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