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It is not easy to find a good sex partner if you have no fetishes, so what are people with certain fetishes supposed to do to make their fantasies finally come true? Well, most of them join fetish dating sites where they can meet a lot of users who have similar interests, preferences, and fantasies. However, you should not confuse them with porn sites – foot fetish dating websites, BDSM platforms, communities of leather fans, all these sites are about communication, and not only about pictures and videos.

So, the problem is solved? Not exactly. It is easy to find a fetish site, but it is pretty difficult to find a good one. You can pick any site from our list, learn how we find the best fetish sites, and even learn more about the phenomenon of fetishism.

Who are the Fetishists? Why Does the Phenomenon of Fetish Dating Exist?

Before we start to talk about fetish sites, let us talk about fetishism itself. What exactly does this word mean? Well, it is simple: fetishism is a form of sexual behavior in which someone has an erotic interest for inanimate objects or body parts. Literally anything can be such an interest for a fetishist, from high heels to butt or chairs – this is just something that a fetishist needs to get turned on.

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Please, note that though many people use the words “kink” and “kinky” and the word “fetish” as synonyms, it is not right. The thing is kinky behavior often means that someone just likes something that is not the traditional thing in sex. For instance, some people like to be tied, but it is just a part of sex play, but not the necessary condition for getting sexually aroused.

Moreover, people usually call different things kinky – some may say that the things that others consider “not so traditional” are nothing but vanilla sex as it is. But you always know when it is a fetish, just because there certain types of fetish and because fetish is not the optional thing in sex – for real fetishists, their fetish matter more than penetration or anything else in sex.

The Most Common Fetishes

So, what about the categories of fetishes? As we noted before, literally anything can be someone’s fetish, but there are certain things that turn people on more often than other ones, and you can see them below.

  1. Lingerie. This is one of the most common fetishes. Moreover, even people who do not call themselves fetishists also like it when a girl/a guy wear certain lingerie. In most cases, it involves stockings, and yes, sometimes it is interconnected with foot fetish. Leather is trendy, too.
  2. Hair. Hair is one of the ten most popular fetishes according to Google. Could you imagine?
  3. High heels. This is often interconnected with BDSM and/or foot fetish. Yes, some people have a few fetishes and like it when they can enjoy all of them simultaneously.
  4. Group sex. A lot of people like group sex. Some of them like threesomes, some like group sex (three and more partners of different genders), some like ganbangs (two and more partners of the same gender.)
  5. Bondage. Bondage is often a part of the BDSM play, which can be fetishized. Still, bondage is a separate type of erotic play. Any things can be used to tie up a partner, some people like it rougher, and some make turn it into more vanilla sex – it all depends on those who play this hot sex game.
  6. Voyeurism. Some people do not like to participate – they like to watch people having sex or just walking naked or taking a shower or anything like that. Besides, there is also exhibitionism which can be considered another common fetish, and kind of flip side of voyeurism.
  7. Foot fetish. If someone cannot even imagine good sex without using feet, it is a foot fetish. It is expressed in different ways from regular massage to smell.
  8. Role-playing. Yes, role-playing can also be considered a fetish, of course, if fetishists not only like role-playing but do not have sex without this element that is essential for him/her. We bet you know what it is, so we will not talk about this for too long. The only thing we’d like to emphasize is that the range of roles and scenarios is endless.

These are most common, but not all the fetishes people can have. But what do most people who have certain erotic interests have in common? Yes, that’s right. Most of them use the so-called fetish sites.

What are the Best Fetish Sites?

So, what exactly are the best fetish sites? Well, these are the communities, in which people often create separate groups (if it is necessary), share their fantasies and dreams, have sex online, in chats (including video chats), exchange photos and videos, and also meet to have sex offline. They have a lot of benefits, actually, and we list them all below.

  • Similar-minded people. As we mentioned before, it is not easy to find a good sex partner even if you like missionary sex most. It is 100 times harder for people who have specific tastes. That is why so many adults use fetish sites – paid and free fetish dating sites provide them with the real chance to make their fantasies real.
  • Tons of content. On fetish sites, you can also find tons of videos and photos. However, such platforms are not like porn sites. First of all, there is tons of amateur content you will not find anywhere else. Secondly, it is more diverse. Thirdly, you are more likely to find what you need if you use the site that is “focused” on your fetish than on the porn site that tries to meet the expectations of all categories of users.
  • A lot of opportunities for communication. There are so many different ways to have fun on fetish sites. You can talk to many similar-minded people simultaneously by choosing an interesting thread, or you can enjoy virtual sex in live chat. You can also exchange hot photos and videos, and even play porn games. On some platforms, even phone calls are available.
  • No stigmatization. People who have certain fetishes often need to find communities where there would be no room for judgments, blaming, shaming, etc. Moreover, joining such a social group and meeting a member of this group allows coping with a fear that you will fall in love, tell your partner about your fetish, and he or she will leave you right after you do it.

Basically, such websites help people get what they really want, as online, as offline (especially if it is a fetish hookup site.) But you should never blindly trust ads on the web and provide your data to random platforms, right? So is there a real way to find the best site? Yes, there is, and we are ready to share our secrets.

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How Do We Choose the Fetish Sites for You?

We use a pretty complicated algorithm to find, choose, and rank the sites, but there is a strategy everyone can use. Just pay attention to the following things:

  • Interface & design. It does not have to be innovative or super impressive, but it shows if the company really cares about members and if you are really able to use the site for a long time. If it looks too cheap if it is extremely hard to use, if it is obvious that the site was made by a beginner in two days, skip this option.
  • What about registration? Is it fast and simple enough? More importantly, is it free? If yes, move on. Do you need to provide an email address, confirm it, prove that you are real? If yes, it is a good sign. If you are not even asked about your age, that is a good reason to avoid this platform.
  • Members. Do real people use the site? Browse some profiles, pay special attention to pictures and videos. If you saw them on porn sites, why use this platform?
  • Content. What about galleries? Is there any way to have some fun on the site without contacting anyone? Do you have access to amateur content? Goods sites usually provide users with the possibility to watch some hot videos from time to time.
  • Communication. What are the ways to contact and interact with others on the site? Can you add others’ profiles to Friends/Favorites? Do you have access to profile info? Can you send something like flirts, like others or send winks? Is there live chat for texting and maybe even virtual sex? Good fetish websites offer all or most of these services.
  • Pricing. We believe that prices must be reasonable. Our team reviews paid and free sites (there are good options in both categories), but value for money is more than important. Search for hidden costs and learn how much you will get for the amount you will pay for a monthly subscription plan. Does it seem reasonable?
  • Support. We experience difficulty when using all kinds of platforms from online banking systems to Facebook. Why think that you will never face them on a dating site? Maybe, it will never happen, but still, it is good to know that if you need professional assistance, you will get it.
  • Safety. Safety is the top priority, especially when it comes to fetish sites where people share their fantasies, desires, dreams, and yes, photos and videos as well. That is why you need to make sure that the platform will not disclose your data to third parties and that it protects it properly.

Yes, there are many things you need to take into account when looking for a trusted & legit dating site, but just believe us, your safety and quality services worth every second you spend analyzing the options. If you do not have time to do it, just take a look at our ranking – we made sure that each of these sites is absolutely worth joining.

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How to Be Safe on Fetish Sites?

Basically, if you want to feel safe on fetish hookup sites, as well on any other dating websites, you need to find a trusted platform. This allows avoiding most problems. However, there are some more specific tips that can help you enjoy a safe and fun experience without any unpleasant surprises. We list them below.

  1. Create a strong password, do not use your main email address. It seems obvious, but you might be surprised to know how many people ignore this basic rule. Nothing is wrong with email – you can provide any address you want, but you should not use the main address you also use for work and for communication if you do not want someone to see a notification from a fetish site on the screen of your laptop or smartphone. Passwords, however, are more important. Your safety depends on it. Do not use a too short or simple password like qwerty or your birth date – though good fetish sites protect their members, they cannot guarantee that accounts with super weak passwords will never be hacked.
  2. Check profiles. As we noted before, profiles are crucially important when it comes to meeting new people on the web. We recommend you pay special attention to pictures and videos. Do they seem real? Is this the same person in pictures? In most cases, it is safer to talk to a person who does not pretend to be someone else. If he or she does, maybe, there is a certain motivation. Frauds often use fake profiles to scam people. By the way, you can contact support to notify the site’s team about a suspicious account.
  3. Never send money. This could be the number one rule in our list, but we decided to mention the things to consider when creating an account and starting to interact with others first. If you are already on the site, and if you talk with members, have fun, if you found your favorite fetish partner, you should never send money or share your payment details, even if it seems that you two get really close. Do not believe in stories about emergencies, canceled flights, whatever, even if she is the hottest woman in the world or if he is a man of your dreams.
  4. You can use the site as an anonymous member if you want to. You can hide your identity if you do not want anyone from your work or from your family to recognize you. A lot of people on kink websites do it. There are special modes on some sites, and some platforms just allow you not to provide your real name or any other detail. Please, remember that such websites do not need your real address or even your phone number (unless it is necessary to verify your account.) Of course, if you want to hookup, you will probably need to show yourself to a future partner, but you can use video chat or text chat for sending videos and pics.
  5. Do not provide others with your contact details. Yes, if you want to feel really safe on fetish websites, you should not share your phone number, address, etc. We do not even recommend you to provide links to your Facebook page or messenger, at least if you meet each other offline.

As you can see, you do not have to follow some super special to protect yourself from scams, frauds, weirdos, etc. These are just common rules that, by the way, work for people who are going to join other communities (sites, networks) on the web.

And again, a user will hardly need these tips if he just chooses a bad site with fake profiles, poor support services, and limited features. However, if you are ready to spend some time and use our recommendations to find the trusted platform or let us be your fetish finder and pick a site from our list, you will be able to enjoy the safe experience on one of the best fetish websites.