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There are a few things people always look for. Two of them are friendship and good sex. The thing is most of us think that only two different people can give us each of these things, but the very existence of the term “friends with benefits” proves that it is not exactly true. Moreover, there is even a separate category of websites created for people looking for a friend and a sexual partner.

However, it is not that easy to distinguish a good friends with benefits dating sites from an FWB platform that is not worth joining. We have already joined all the most popular and most promising sites, become a part of each community, and did our own little research on each of them. That allowed us to rank them, and we are ready to share this list of the best FWB sites with you! Here, you can also find the detailed info on these websites and how we search for them, so if you want to meet your perfect friend with benefits, keep reading!

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What Does The Term Friends With Benefits Mean?

Friends with benefits are two people who communicate, keep in touch, discuss serious things and have fun together, i.e., they are friends, but there is a detail, which is usually called “benefits.” These two people have sex from time to time or even regularly but do not want to start a romantic relationship. In other words, they prefer to stay friends but do not want to refuse from benefits, too.

How Long Can Friends With Benefits Relationships Last?

Well, it is you who draws a boundary and sets the time limits. Only you guys can decide how long they last. If we speak of a relationship in which both partners like each other but do not want everything to get too serious, it is usually five weeks. Five weeks are enough to enjoy tons of good sex and that pleasant feeling of being with someone who really interests you in sexual and all other senses. When this period ends, things can get complicated. No, both of you secretly dreaming of romance, and a serious relationship is not the worst-case scenario. The worst-case scenario is when you are really good friends, we mean, if you have been friends for years, and if only one falls in love.

Maybe, the key is to end everything before you stop enjoying everything that happens between you. If it is not fun anymore, at least for one, you will just need to say goodbye. If none of you wants to stop it, well, we wish you happiness! And again, there is no one-size-fits-all term, but the most common one is five weeks – it is supposed not to let you cross the line.

How To Find Friends With Benefits Dating?

Usually, people become friends with benefits after a good party or a good evening they spend together if you know what we mean. But what if you are sure that this is the kind of relationship you need but do not have friends who would sexually attract you? Well, obviously, you need to find a person you can talk to and a person you can have sex with. Of course, the simplest, fastest, and most convenient way to find such a 2-in-1 person is to search for him or her on the web or on the niche paid or free sex with benefits sites. However, we can be more specific when it comes to the advantages of using FWB hookup platforms. So why not take a look at them?

  1. They are easy-to-use. You can find a site and start to use it immediately. Yes, high-quality platforms are super user-friendly and compatible with mobile devices, too. Simply put, they offer you everything you need: a tool you can use to find a friend or friends with benefits, people who also look for such a kind of relationship, communication tools, and search. This is more than enough to meet the goal.
  2. They are relatively cheap. There are even free sites, and most of the other niche platforms are not so expensive. Some may say that sometimes prices are pretty high. Well, and what about the price of a single cocktail on a date? Yes, that is right. Besides, when you look for a female friend on such sites, you know that she does not want to start something serious, and that is the good news, too.
  3. You can use the site anonymously. On most websites, you do not have to provide copies of your papers, use your real name or anything like that to sign up. You do not have to use your real photos, too – uploading them is optional. Do not get us wrong – the more detailed your profile is, the more popular you are, but still. If you want to use the site anonymously, you will be able to do it.
  4. You can find people who meet all your expectations. This is almost the last but not the least thing we should mention. There, you can find similar minded people. Hence, you will not experience much difficulty or face problems, judgments, misunderstandings. You will not have to hide your intentions and even considering this, you will be able to find a man or a woman of your dreams. Like blondes? You will find a lot on a good site. Like well-educated brunettes? There will be no problem with this, too.
  5. They work fast. Yes, the most important thing about them is that they allow you not to rely on luck. You choose them, you join them, and you get what you want, in this case, a friend with benefits. Of course, it also depends on other things, in particular, on your manners, dating strategy, experience, etc., but in general, if you choose a good platform, you are likely to get an FWB really soon.

Sounds great, right? But this is not all information you need to get started, so let us move on.

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What do We Look at When Choosing the Best Sites?

Of course, we have our own strategy of choosing, reviewing, and ranking the best FWB websites. We do not mind sharing it with you – if you want to choose the site yourself, please use the information below as the tips – this will help you distinguish a good platform from a site you definitely should not use.

  • Design, navigation. Some may say that these criteria are not so important. Well, they are wrong. You will hardly want to spend a long time in a place where everything annoys you, right? That is why we always make sure that the site is easy-to-use and looks good enough to provide a good user experience.
  • A number of members. This is one of the most significant things, too. The site does not have to be super popular – we choose as already famous as the developing communities – but it has to be fast-growing. We mean, growth rates and localization matter.
  • Quality of profiles. You need some information to rely on when looking for a friend. You need detailed pictures and videos when you are looking for a sexual partner. We usually recommend sites that encourage their members to provide detailed info and pics.
  • How good the staff is. What if you experience difficulties when using the site? What if you need help ASAP? We think that in such kinds of situations, great support can solve any problems, and that is how things are supposed to work. Besides, the quality of work of moderators determines the level of safety, so it is important, too.
  • Features. Chats, adding to Favorites, likes, video, and phone calls, sending flirts, emails, playing various types of games, search function, all these things explain why people use niche dating sites instead of social networks. We check the quality of each feature, and if the set of services is good enough, we always add the site to our list of the best places to find friends with benefits sex.
  • Mobile compatibility. Not all people use such websites on their laptops – according to statistics, over 60% of them prefer to use mobile devices. That is why the site should be compatible with all smartphones and tablets. Own app (of course, if it is good enough) is a nice bonus.
  • Privacy policy. We do not want FWB sites to share the info we provide, and we definitely do not want them to do the same with our readers’ information. That is why we check if the site has a good privacy policy and cares about members’ rights. Of course, financial security is as important.
  • Prices. There are free FWB sites and paid ones. You can find both types in our rankings – we do not rely on the fact that sites are paid or a free one, but we always make sure if the pricing is reasonable or not. We mean, it is all about good value for money.

These are the most significant things. We pay special attention to each of them when reviewing sites, and we recommend you do the same when doing your research. Of course, it will take time. A lot of time, actually. But safety is worth it. If you are not ready to review and compare many hookup websites, just check out our ranking – we bet you will find a good option that will meet all your expectations.

What Do People Want to Find on Such Dating Sites?

The answer to this question seems pretty obvious. People who join such websites are looking for friends with benefits relationships, right? Well, that is true, but there are also not so obvious options. Moreover, we’d say that people look for FWB relationships, but often get more than that. So, here are members of such communities often find on friends with benefits websites:

  • Friendly community. Yes, the community in which most people look for friends, with benefits or not, is, pardon the tautology, a friendly community. It is like a group on social networks – there you meet people who have something in common with you and with each other, and you just have a great time together. Nowadays, it is quite a rare thing.
  • People they think are attractive. Yes, it is really easy to find someone who attracts you on such websites. And you can choose. More importantly, the first step you take is seen as something absolutely reasonable; something people in this community should do to make new contacts.
  • People they think are interesting personalities. Yes, on such sites, you meet friends. Some of them will be your next sexual partners, and some of them won’t, but you will still meet a lot of interesting people.
  • Fun communication. Live chats, forum threads, comments, likes, video chats, funny stickers, voice messages, interactive games – this is what a user can get on such sites. You get the community of similar-minded people, and you get access to the best, modern communication services. This just makes a lot of fun!
  • New friends or even love. Sometimes things between you just do not work. We mean, there is no chemistry, no magic, or simply put, affection. Well, in this case, you can be just friends without any benefits. Or maybe you will face the opposite situation. As we mentioned before, sometimes two people think that they do not need anything really serious and then realize that they just cannot live without one another. People use such a website in part because they hope that they will get someone who will become really important for them, and sometimes, it really happens.

best friends with benefits sites

As you can see, there are a lot of things that make people take the first step and create their accounts on such websites.

Are Friends with Benefits Sites Real?

Yes, they are real. We hope you believe us considering all the things we said above. This is just a relatively narrow niche compared to other ones, for example, the romantic relationship industry. Still, you might be surprised to know how popular FWB sites really are. Well, it is easy to understand – sometimes we all need good emotions, good sex, and no obligations. It is nice to know someone who does not want/need/demand anything from you but does not mind having some great time together, right?

As for legislation, we’d like to emphasize that such websites do not violate any laws. Simply put, they are owned by companies that provide dating services. There is no room for any illegal activity, spam, prostitution, etc. It is a legal business, and that is the good news for everyone who wants to find a friend with benefits on the web.

As for their effectiveness, everything is simple – the good sites work. And again, they are absolutely real – you can see them on our list – but more importantly, they work. This is due to all the things we mentioned above, from the good services to the good security system and reasonable pricing policy. People join such sites, people use them, meet similar-minded members, and finally make their dreams come true. That is why we believe that if you have always dreamed of being someone’s friend with benefits, if you are tired from serious relationships in the past, or if you just want to have an exciting adventure, using friends with benefits sites definitely makes sense.