Best Gay Hookup Sites

If you are gay, sexy, free, and single, you should definitely try online gay hookups.

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A good gay hookup is a great way to have fun and relax from time to time, and if it does not prevent you from living a happy and healthy life and communicate with people – please, feel free to do whatever you want. We are here to help you to get it!

We are a team of enthusiasts who want to share their experience in using hookup sites with the other people who want to find the top gay hookup site. There are hundreds of thousands of sites with various features, and some of them want your money and give nothing back. We will share with you only the best websites with the best services and large databases.

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On this page, you will find:

  • Detailed info about how our team reviews the sites and creates our best-of-the-best lists;
  • Some tips on how to actually find a homosexual hookup online;
  • Benefits of using top gay hookup sites.

How to Find Gay Hookup?

To find a gay hookup is not a big deal – if you know how to do it. We cannot give any guarantees to you; we can only provide you with a working guide or instruction that can help you to meet your perfect sex match.

Before we start, you should decide upon the way you want to seek hookup – online or traditional (real-time meetings). As far as we promote online searching for sex dating, we are going to discuss this way in detail and our instruction will be all about getting started on online dating platforms for adults. If you want to approach men in person, you can just skip this part of the article, but you still can find some tips we provide useful even if you decide to date men in real life.

So, let’s see how you can find your sex buddy quickly and easily:

Check Out the Ratings of the Top Gay Hookup Sites

Is this obvious? Probably, yes, but this must be your first step. We highly recommend you to find a reliable reviewing website and check how they test the hookup platforms. If you find their way to check the work of sites trustworthy, you can visit the websites they promote. We share our reviews as well, but you do not have to limit yourself with our guides.

Choose at Least Two Websites to Register On

You can choose more, but we do not recommend you to sign up on only one service. The thing is, no expert review will tell you how you will feel when using a gay hookup site. Personal preferences play a major role when it comes to choosing the best adult dating site. We can only describe a site in detail to you, but the real experience will tell you much more. We will save your time choosing 10 sites out of 10,000, but you should spend some time choosing your perfect web place by yourself after comparing a few of them.

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Purchase Subscription or Credits

The majority of websites we often recommend to our readers are paid – we will explain the reasons for it a bit later. Those sites offer either a monthly subscription or purchasing special tokens that are needed for using the services on the site. Having a premium account or those tokens, you can talk to the other members and enjoy additional services that are not available to non-paying users.

Find Several People to Communicate with on a Site You’ve Chosen

After you register on a suitable site, you should start to search for a sex partner. Pay attention to the way people talk: your interlocutor should answer your direct question adequately and should not ask you to send money to his e-wallet before the meeting (if you seek for a “free” hookup, just seek another person to date – almost all the members of dating sites do not ask for money for having a good night with someone.)

Do Not Rush Things

Yes, we promised you that you will find a hookup quickly if you use our recommendations, but the quality of that hookup depends on how experienced you are in choosing the right partner. Even if you like a person you communicate with a lot, you should spend at least several hours communicating before jumping with someone in bed. You can meet a person you like an hour after you started a dialog, but remember that you may experience some problems on your date – for example, your partner may look different from the photos you see on his profile.

Discuss Your Sex Preferences and Be Honest

Usually, the members of gay sex sites indicate their sex preferences and dreamy partners on their profiles. But if you have no information about it, you should ask your potential partner if he is okay with the way you like to play. Don’t hide any information, secrets can cause troubles and dissatisfaction during your night together.

Use Video Chat, If Any

Only high-quality websites offer this service, but if there is a video chat on the platform you’ve picked – use it! You just have to check if your interlocutor looks the same as on the profile photo. Additionally, your potential partner may send you completely adequate messages but act kind of weird during the video session. Of course, he may be shy and it may influence his behavior, but you still can notice any really strange things during video chat – many more things than you could notice during correspondence.

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Take a Condom with You

This piece of advice is rather a recommendation for your safety than a real tip to find a quick hookup, but we just have to say this to you. If you have discussed the way you will play and decided on unsafe sex, just skip this part of the instruction. But, please, just keep in mind that your partner may grant not only a perfect sexual experience but something less pleasant as well.

What Are the Best Gay Hookup Sites?

Here you will find plenty of gay sex hookup sites – we have our own ratings. The websites that we consider the best should match a lot of criteria. Scroll down to find out how we review the websites and what platforms can appear in our top list!

How Do We Choose Gay Sites for Our Top?

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We have a long list of things we pay attention to when testing the sites for men dating. Here it is:

  • Reputation. We pick not only websites with a smooth reputation but those that have had problems in the past as well. But, only those sites that have managed the problems brilliantly and are still active and attractive for people, can appear on our rating. We understand that it is hard to recover the reputation, and if the administration of the site has dealt with the problems and scandals successfully, we consider their website to be worth attention, as it means that they have learned from the mistakes they made.
  • Free registration. Almost all premium dating sites offer free registration. The administrations of sites decide to offer free signup to prove the reliability of their platforms. You do not have to spend money without a complete understanding of what you actually buy; that’s why we pick the websites that allow you to join them for free.
  • Security measures. Is the site safe to use? How the site protects the user’s data? Is the site legit? There are usually a lot of questions concerning safety, and we know why. People do care about their reputation and privacy, and they do not want their data (and especially the data on their devices) to be accessed by any third parties. Usually, the websites provide Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy – on these pages the administration describes the safety measures they implement to protect the members. The measures often include SSL-encryption and secure payment methods.
  • The number of real members. Meeting people and having fun – these are the things you need. However, if there are more bots than real people and more scammers than honest guys, you will not have much fun trying to understand who you are talking to and if you can trust a man you like. Yes, you can see bots and meet scammers on online dating sites. The hookup sites are not an exception – there still may be people who want to benefit from your desire to have easy and quick sex. However, there are plenty of websites that have great teams of moderators who are constantly browsing their site trying to minimize the number of unpleasant persons. Some hookup platforms even make their users pass ID verification, but this is rather a rare case than a tendency.
  • Quality of profiles. If there are plenty of real members but the vast majority of them don’t even have a few photos, this site is unlikely to appear in our top. We suppose that a user does not have to spend a lot of sites communicating with someone to get at least one photo or some information about his interlocutor’s sexual preferences. We understand that people who register on hookup sites will not tell a lot about themselves and the way they live, but there should be some data that will help you to see if a member of the site is worth your attention.
  • Interface and overall look. The design may seem an irrelevant thing, but you will change your mind after you start to use the site. If the interface is burdened with unnecessary elements if the platform has a too-bright color scheme, and if you feel uncomfortable and tired because of constant searching for the needed links or buttons, you will not use such a site for long, even if there are a lot of users and its range of services is impressive. The modern site should not only work great, but also look convenient and clean – these are the standards for all the websites, and we try to match them.
  • Dating app. Mobile applications help people to be in touch with the people they like anywhere and anytime. There are hookup platforms that are available only on smartphones: we suppose such dating apps are great, but a site with an app is better, as users can have a choice of what to use. If a website does not have an app, we attentively test its mobile version: if a website looks and works great on mobile devices even if it can be accessed only using a browser, we consider such a website worthy of attention, as it clearly shows the admins’ care about the users’ comfort.
  • Ways to interact with the other members and unique services. The communication ways are also very important: if a site has only an instant chat but it works great – it’s okay. But, we value the websites that offer CamShare, sending photos and videos, and other more interesting tools that make communication a bit more enjoyable. We also check if a site has XXX video content, webcam shows, and other services that may entertain a user while he is waiting for a reply from a member he likes.
  • The number of payment methods. This is not the most important thing, but we still seek the websites that allow paying for services not only with a CC but in a few other methods. If a website asks a user to spend money, it should provide him with several convenient and comfortable ways to do it.
  • Work of the support team. The work of customer support is the calling card of any website. If a user has a problem, he may address the support team, waiting for a polite and quick response. If the team members answer rudely or don’t answer the questions of the members at all, the website they are working at will never appear on our rating.

Benefits of Gay Dating Sites and Searching for Sex Online

  1. You can use the sites anonymously. Gay hookup sites allow you to do literally anything you want to be anonymous. You can seek a partner of your dreams under a username, watch XXX video content without being noticed on the site, make new acquaintances, and discover the new world of sex. You can be yourself and be “faceless” simultaneously.
  2. You can access the sites using your smartphone. You will be able to communicate with your potential sex buddies being at work, at home, and even when your life partner is watching you.
  3. Sites help you to find the perfect match. Even those who have a very specific taste in sex can find the perfect partner to have fun together.
  4. No one will blame you for your tastes, and it is great. You can not only find a perfect sex match but also freely and openly discuss your preferences with the people who have the same sexual fantasies.
  5. A user has a greater chance to find a hookup online rather than in real life. Only imagine how difficult it may be to approach a man in a club or at any other public place without the talent to charm people. It gets even more difficult when it comes to searching for a homosexual partner. Luckily, you can save a lot of time if you choose a gay sex website – you will communicate online only with the gays who are open to a new casual encounter and experiences.

Are Hookup Sites for Men Real and Legit?

Is it illegal to seek a hookup with gays?
No. If the desires of two or more mature persons are mutual and their sexual encounter promises only pleasure and relaxation, this is completely legal. Gay sex sites are legit too – only adults can sign up for them and enjoy the communication with the same single people. However, the majority of the sites do not make the new users provide any ID to prove their age, so you should be careful with people you date. If you see a guy who looks much younger than he claims to be, do not hesitate to ask him if he has really reached the age of majority.