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Sex is undoubtedly a great thing, especially for people with open minds. Those who do not expect anything after sex can enjoy the process even more than the people who need the start of a serious relationship after they had a great night with a new person.

Those men and women who can enjoy sex on their own without any demands can experience the unique pleasure that is not available to other people. For such fans of casual and passionate sex, there are online hookup dating services that offer users to search for the perfect matches, meet them, and then either forget about their encounters or visit each other again and again with no strings attached. The sites you can use to search for such a relationship are called “no strings attached” (NSA).

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Our team specializes in testing such sites, and this article will help you to learn all essentials about NSA platforms and NSA phenomena in general. Here’s what you will find on this page:

  1. No strings attached meaning;
  2. How to have a no strings attached?
  3. Full list of the sites’ features we pay attention to when reviewing;
  4. The answer to the most popular question.

What is NSA on Dating Sites: No Strings Attached Meaning

Modern relationships are all about freedom. They base on free self-expression, a lot of communication, respect to the desires of the partner, and deep emotional connection. But, to be honest, one can have a perfect relationship even without having any feelings toward the partner!

Such a relationship is called “no strings attached” (NSA), and for some people (and maybe for you as well, if you are reading these lines), such a partnership is the best thing ever. Why?

  1. You don’t have to create a romantic atmosphere for a date.
  2. You can plan your life without involving any other person in your activity.
  3. You can meet new people and sleep with them without being accused of cheating on your spouse.
  4. You can be completely honest with your partner – not rude, but honest.
  5. You are not required to marry your partner after the courting period.
  6. You are not obliged to spend a lot of time with just one person regularly.
  7. You will never be judged for the way you live.

However, NSA relationships are not as easy as it may seem. There are some pitfalls you should be aware of before thinking about starting all this.

  • It is pretty difficult to find a partner. Do not even try to build such one without discussing this issue with your potential partner! It may result in a huge disappointment, as a lot of people prefer the traditional way to build a relationship.
  • If you have already found a potential partner, you may find also that you have pretty different sexual preferences.
  • One of you may fall for the other, and it may cause an uncomfortable situation. However, it happens only with those people, who are secretly hoping to find someone for a serious relationship.
  • Your casual encounters may leave some negative things if you don’t use a condom on a regular basis.
  • You should know when to stop your “partnership.” If you see that your partner needs something more than just sex, you should either discuss your relationship or stop meeting with that person at all (if you want it, of course.)

NSA dating sites help to solve the majority of these problems. You will be able to find a partner of your dreams who will enjoy your “partnership” and the time you spend together without requiring anything. The members of no strings attached dating sites usually describe their tastes in sex, which makes it much easier to find a match faster. Additionally, on such platforms, you can find mostly those who understand that they seek NSA relationships, and who will unlikely to expect romance and marriage in the future.

nsa woman

How to Have a No Strings Attached Relationship?

There are two ways to start an NSA relationship. The first one is to seek someone to have fun with in public places or among your friends (which is a bit risky, as friends with benefits may result in a serious relationship or end of a friendship, which is not what you expect, we believe.)

The second variant is less risky and much more comfortable. As far as we are reviewers of free NSA sex sites, we will discuss and promote these websites. Of course, this is not easy to choose the best site, but we are here to save your time, nerves, and maybe even your money. We consider using dating sites the best way to have a no strings attached sex and start a long-term sex-based relationship (or just play with someone once and meet another person next day.) On our website, you will find a lot of sites that we’ve checked and can say that they are reliable and worth your attention.

Why believe our recommendations?

We will tell you how we review the websites and you will decide if you can trust us and our testing system.

What Criteria do we Look at When Selecting the Best NSA Sites?

Reviews of the users and reputation

We believe no strings attached sites should have a good reputation with no scandals in the past. However, we understand that there is nothing perfect, and the websites are not an exception. Some people may have problems with using a site, and we spend a lot of time investigating if these problems were caused by users, or the site’s system/the support team/payments, etc. Additionally, we believe any site has a second chance and our final assessment of the site’s reputation will be mostly based on the way the administration has used that second chance. If the admins or the company-owner has made everything to restore the reputation and it resulted in 100% success, we will definitely include such a website in our top rating.

Registration process

This is the first process a potential user of the site experiences. This process should be quick, simple, and free. If there are any problems during the signup process, a user is unlikely to proceed to the next steps, such as filling out the profile and seeking a partner. If the registration is troublesome, the administration of the site does not care about all the other processes that will take place further. Such a website will never appear on our top list.


This may seem an unnecessary element, but we know how difficult it is to use a website that has a bad interface and cannot provide a user with a good UX. The modern requirements to the websites are pretty high – they have not only to work smoothly, but also to look great to attract new users. The pages should open quickly, the mobile version of the site should look and work well too, and the color scheme should not be annoying. You may say that it is too much to demand all these from sites, but we believe you deserve the best.

Protection of the users’ data

Each website should respect the privacy and personal life of each user. Only the sites that don’t neglect this simple rule can appear in our ratings. We choose only the sites that use SSL-encryption, guarantee the users complete safety of their data, offer secure payment methods, and have clear Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


People are what you come to the site for, and if there are only bots and scammers, you are unlikely to have fun. The only thing you will get on such a site is money losses and problems, as the sites with no real users can provide a member with a negative experience only. To help you avoid spending time on useless NSA sex websites, we pay a lot of attention to check if the members of the site are real, and how many real people actually use the site we are reviewing.

nsa sex

You should understand that there are no NSA hookup sites that can guarantee you that you will meet only real people online. Such platforms usually do not ask the members for verification of identity, as this would be a bit strange. Those who seek a hookup or a long-term sexual relationship would want to stay anonymous or tell just a bit about themselves in their profiles. Such people usually open their hearts to their interlocutors and other members they like, but only in a private conversation. That’s why no one can assure you that you will never see a bot on a site – there is no possibility to check each profile and each new user. Still, a team of experienced moderators can minimize the number of unpleasant people on the site.

Mobile application

There are more dating apps than websites with apps, and we suppose it is great! Having a dating app, you can contact a lot of people at work, at home, in a cafe, etc. Using a mobile application is the best way to communicate with the potential sex partners, as it saves a lot of time and does not make you stick to your PC and sit at home until you find a perfect match. Additionally, no strings attached relationship allows you to have several partners simultaneously, and it is much more convenient to talk with them through an app rather than using a website.

We value the websites that have an application as well because it means the owners of the site have spent time and money developing it, which means you can count on the same attentive attitude from them to all the other details on the platform.

The number and quality of services

A regular user of a free NSA site does not need a lot of services. To be honest, a chat will be enough to find a partner, meet him or her and spend some time together. However, the more features the site has, the more attention the owners of this site have paid to their potential customers, and the faster you will find your perfect match.

Among the services we want to see on the site, there should be a search tool with plenty of filters – especially the filters with sexual preferences. If you have only “location” and “age”, you will find tons of potential partners, but you will spend days to find the one you will really like and have a good time with.

honey girl

Additionally, we do value the NSA websites that allow calls or video chat. Free no strings attached sites usually do not offer such expensive services, but if there are even paid ones, we will consider this site a premium one. If you don’t need CamShare, you can just use an instant chat or email to communicate with people you find attractive, but we suppose it is great to have a possibility to see your interlocutors before meeting them.

It is also great if there are any additional and unique services like affiliate XXX content websites that can get you in the right mood before your date or shows of webcam models that can just entertain you during your seeking a sex buddy.

Customer support

Support team members are your assistants, advisors, and helpers in solving different issues. The support team should reply quickly – as quickly, as its members can, but we understand that they can be too busy answering questions if there are hundreds of thousands of active users on the site. Additionally, we want the support team members to be polite and honest with the people who use their website – the way the support works determines the attitude to the site in general, and if these guys cannot do their job properly and with respect to the customers, registering on such a site is out of the question.

What Do People Want to Find at NSA Dating Sites?

The most obvious answer to this question would be “NSA relationship”, but we suppose it is not the best thing we could say to you.

People who seek someone to sleep with on NSA dating sites seek freedom and complete absence of judgment. In the modern world, people are getting more and more tolerant, which is great, but tolerance has not reached the needed level yet, and it is still not enough for some men and women to do whatever they want with their personal life without being blamed for antisocial behavior. Such men and women don’t want to follow the rules of the older generation, they need more pleasure, simpler conditions to search for a partner, and a wider choice. And they get in on online dating sites of all kinds, where people can speak freely and meet the ones with the same desires and dreams.

This is what NSA relationship fans want to find online, and you can find it too if you choose a good platform to register on. We will help you to do it – our detailed reviews will give you a complete understanding of how the NSA sites work and whether or not you can find a person to have a good night with on a particular platform.

Are No Strings Attached Sites Legit?

If these sites are used by mature people, they can be considered legit. NSA sites operate legally if they do not offer any prohibited sex content and if they don’t allow users who did not reach the age of 18 to access their services. If you have any doubts as for the trustworthiness of a website, you can check its Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

The NSA sex sites that we recommend to you on our website are attentively tested. We guarantee you that these dating platforms operate legally and their companies-owners are incorporated.