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You may be a transgender or a male or female interested in transgenders. Looking for the right person to hookup with can be a nightmare without a dedicated dating site. You may even feel isolated and unaccepted without transgender friends, acquaintances, and lovers.

Finding such individuals in real life, in the bars, and in the nightclubs is a hassle, and transgender hookup websites know that. The fear of getting rejected and judged often stops people from approaching other trans individuals. This is why their makers have come up with discreet and user-friendly platforms that help transgenders find other people like them for romance, friendship, companionship, and even hookup. These websites aim to let like-minded transgenders meet each other in a safe space.

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But choosing the right website is very important. Not all the TS dating sites are 100% safe, effective in helping individuals meet transgender, and have a wide user base. So, if you are looking for the best transgender hookup sites, we will help you find the right one. Dating sites generally don’t have dedicated categories for trans people. Even if they do have such categories, the labels are not wholly inclusive. Looking at hookup sites designed specifically for transgenders and men and women interested in trans individuals will yield better results.

What are the Best Transgender Dating Sites?

We are constantly working on curating the list of the best hookup websites so that people like you don’t face any difficulty in finding a perfect hookup. The best transgender dating sites must have the following features.

Wide User Base

If the TS hookup sites have a limited user base, you are less likely to meet the person of your dreams. A lot of members will ensure trans individuals living in your area, city, and locality, are using the platform for hookups. You can also easily discover people of your preference based on profession, age, values, etc. through a popular website. Then, you can schedule a meeting, and proceed with hooking up with the person. If you are focused on working and cannot take out time for pursuing individuals or wish to know the member before hooking up, using a hookup platform would be a lot more convenient for you.

Safe Place

The site should be safe and make users feel secured and comfortable. Such websites attract abusive people, spammers, and fake profiles because of free or cheap membership. A good website will filter such profiles every day so that every legitimate member of the site can safely explore their options and have fun. A great website will hide all your private information and never sell it to third-party payers. The platform will also make sure you can be a part of a trans-friendly community where you can make genuine friends and seek support from individuals like you.

No Hidden Costs

Tranny dating sites are usually free to browse, join, and respond to ads. But to access the services of the website, you will have to pay a fee. The fee is fixed to make sure fake profiles and spammers stay away from the sites. But the best transgender dating sites will not ask for any other payment except their fees. Once you open the site, you can view different rates for various types of memberships and then decide which one do you want. Apart from this payment, you should not be asked to make any payments.

Actual Match

Many people complain of not being able to actually find suitable trans hookup using these platforms even if their user base is wide. Some of the reasons are these websites can have fake profiles, unused profiles, or uninterested users. So, you should always look for the success rate of the platform to help transgenders meet.

Forums and Support

A good tranny dating site should have forums and blogs. Users should be allowed to safely express their feelings, experiences, and stories through blogs on the website. This will help new trans individuals find support and affirmation that they are not alone. Moreover, there should be a health and general forum where health professionals, as well as the trans community, can freely talk about sexual health, precautions, body issues, etc.


The user interface of such websites should be intuitive, easy-to-use, and fast. High-quality images and text should be used, and the platform must have filters. The more filters a platform has, the easier it is for the user to come across an interesting profile.

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What Criteria Do We Consider when Selecting TS Dating Sites?

Our experts have conducted a detailed analysis of the top trans websites for companionship based on the features mentioned above. They believe that these features are crucial to maintain the dignity and safety of the user and the efficacy of the website in helping them meet suitable matches. According to our experts, forums and blogs are necessary for such platforms because they successfully provide trans teens and young adults with sufficient information. They also make them feel comfortable about themselves and their sexuality.

There are numerous websites for TS dating. While some are exclusively designed to serve transgenders, many cater to the dating needs of people with different types of sexual orientation and preferences. After our research, we have arrived at the conclusion that hookup sites solely dedicated to the trans section of the community have a higher success rate.

Who Can Get Acquainted on Such Sites?

Who you can meet through these websites depends on the site you are using. If you make a profile on a site dedicated to finding a transgender hookup, you will come across interesting and hot trans males and females who want to have a wild night and spend time with other trans people. These individuals may not want to get emotionally involved in a relationship, and so, if you want to find a partner, you should consider using the platforms dedicated to that purpose.

Our experts found out that active users are usually above 25 years of age and under 40. And the best platforms that have a wide user base have profiles of members from Europe (Schengen and Great Britain areas), North America (mostly Canada and the US), Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, etc.

Most of the users identify themselves as trans women and men. Still, most trans dating sites focus on offering a safe space for the members of the Rainbow Community. So, the sites also have intersex, genderfluid, lesbian, and gay members. These websites also welcome people who want to make friends with the transgender population.

Great Dating Experience

The TS dating sites offer a desirable encounter. The websites are great for finding steamy dates and hookups. You may also find the trans person of your dreams through these sites and end up being together for years. People also use these for finding individuals you understand your experiences, which is motivating and refreshing.

The intimacy and love you have been searching for can finally be found on tranny dating sites. To use it, you will have to register, and registering on these platforms is easy. You will have to fill in your login details:

  • Email
  • Password
  • Username
  • Age
  • Photo

For maintaining your safety and keeping your personal information private, it is recommended to create a new email ID for the platform and use that ID from registration. We also advise not to share your private details with anyone on the platform. If you meet the person and trust them, then you may share your contact number, address, and other details.

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Once you register yourself, you may view profiles of interesting trans men and women. However, to contact your interests, you may have to pay fees and upgrade your free account to a premium one. Then, you can match with as many people as you want and meet new personalities every day. Through these platforms, finding sexy and captivating trans members has become easy and convenient. You don’t even have to step out of your apartment and can look for the person while being in the comfort of your bed.

Moreover, the filters will allow you to look for individuals with specific traits like body type, orientation, preference, tattoos, lifestyle habits, age, and location. If the luck is in your favor, you can strike a match with an alluring person instantly and begin with dating.

Uploading a photograph is not mandatory in every trans hookup platform but you are asked to put up a profile picture so that the users know you are a real person and not a bot. Choose well-lit pictures that highlight your features optimally. You can even upload some hot shots of your amazing body if you are joining an adult platform.

The best part of trans sites is that bullying and hate speech are completely discouraged. The members can easily report a profile and make sure no negativity is present in the website. Trans population is usually subject to harassment and bullying over social media, and this is why some sites don’t even reveal the details of their members. We also discovered that some platforms are run by trans women who want to provide a safe place to people like them, who are often trolled and bullied.

Useful Tips to Find Real Tranny Dating

Browsing a platform for a transgender hookup would not ensure a date. You will have to follow some tips to make sure you get a stress-free and successful TS hookup.

Choose Photos Wisely

Most of the users on the platform will look at your photographs first and then read your bio. Not all of them look for a hot body and impeccable looks. They look for smiling faces, confidence, happiness, and radiance in the pictures. Upload photographs that are shot in the sunlight with a soft background so that the focus remains on your gorgeous face and mesmerizing personality. Stay away from dark, deep, and badly-clicked pictures. You can also depict your hobbies and interests through the photos.

Take Time to Write Your Bio

If the platform asks for a description or bio, don’t write just anything. Take time to curate a captivating description of yourself to let your match know what a vibrant personality you are. You don’t have to use typical jargon or phrases. Just be yourself and reveal interesting parts of yourself in the bio.

Talk to People

If you are a shy and introverted person, talking to a new person face to face can be daunting. But over chats, you can be your true self and talk your heart out. Don’t wait for your matches to ping you. If you are interested in them and want to have a conversation, don’t stop yourself from doing it.

Ask them for a Date

If the member hits the right chords of your heart and you want to take a step further, simply ask the person for a date. It may require a lot of courage but even if you two don’t want to be in a relationship, you will end up meeting a new person, make a friend, and probably get introduced to unfamiliar activities.

Be Vocal

If you are looking for a hookup, long term relationship, casual dates, one night stands, marriage, friend, or a partner, be vocal about it in your bio. This way, you will be able to connect with only the members who are looking for similar things. Moreover, if you are new to dating a transsexual and have realized about your sexual orientation and gender recently, mention your preferences and orientation clearly on your profile. This will ensure that you don’t waste time interacting with members of different sexual orientation and preferences, who cannot be your hookup.

Stay Safe

Such platforms are easy to use and wonderful for people looking for meeting new individuals for romance or hookups. But they can be equally unsafe. Fraudsters tend to target vulnerable groups and misuse their private information. They can blackmail, extort money, and even defame the person. To avoid such situations, always make sure you are interacting with a real person who is genuinely interested in you. We recommend you to not reveal your private information like phone number, address, bank account details, etc. to any user over messages. Even while uploading pictures, make sure your address remains hidden.

Be Patient

If you are new to dating, you may want to get matches as soon as you join the platform. But this scenario is very rare and finding a suitable match will require a few days. Keep scrolling and liking the profiles of people who you are interested in to increase the chances of matching with someone.

How to Stay Safe on Transgender Dating Sites

Online dating is becoming more and more common—it is no longer stigmatized, so more and more people start to use websites to meet a partner for one night or for a serious relationship. However, the safety issue remains crucial for online daters. How to protect yourself, avoid negative experiences and enjoy your dates without fear of being scammed? The easiest way to feel safe when using a transgender dating website is to choose the right platform with good moderation and verified profiles. High-quality sites have qualified teams that check members’ accounts, evaluate users’ scam reports, and deactivate suspicious profiles. You can find such safe and trusted TS hookup sites on

Some may argue that even this doesn’t completely protect you from problems you may face when meeting your match in real life. Well, there are a few useful tips that can help you have the best experience without any fears or hesitations, and we provide them below.

Have a Video Chat Before You Meet in Real Life

If you like someone you met on one of the transgender hookup sites but still have doubts about a real meeting, just invite them to video chat. Good websites usually offer such a feature, and even if it costs a bit more than texting, we highly recommend using it before you two meet in a bar. You can not only see your match, their facial expressions, hear the voice, and realize if you really want to date them, but also make sure that they are who they say they are. If something in your matches’ voice or gestures disturbs you, you’d better look for someone else and cancel your date.

Tell Your Friends or Family Where You are Going

Even if you believe that you’ve met the nicest and the kindest person in the world, you should tell someone about your date. Tell your close friend, sister, brother, or mom where you are going and, ideally, show your match’s photos. Don’t say something like “Dear, if anything happens to me, you know who did it”—don’t scare people closest to you. Just be like “I have a date today at Barney’s, look how cute my match is”—and you are protected. Believe us, they will call or text you if you hang out for too long.

Meet in a Public Place

Even if you are looking for nothing but a TS hookup, you should not meet someone for the very first time in a hotel or at your place. You need to meet your match at least 1-2 times, preferably in a public place to make sure that you can feel safe with them. Meet your possible partner in a cafe, restaurant, theatre, movie, coffee shop, or any other place where there are a lot of people—if something goes wrong, you will feel safe anyway.

Carpooling is not such a good idea

Never get into a stranger’s car—we all know this rule. However, unlike children, many adults ignore it. It seems that nothing bad can really happen, especially if you met a nice person on the web and called each other a few times. How can someone so cute be also dangerous? Just keep in mind that taking a taxi or public transportation is a much better idea than carpooling.

Stay Sober

Okay, it’s your first date and you might be a bit nervous. And what is the best way to relax and have some fun? Of course, having a drink or two. We know it’s hard, but we highly recommend you drinking a non-alcoholic cocktail, coffee, anything that will help you control the situation. After all, being nervous and a bit shy is better than getting into real trouble or even regretting your decisions the next morning. Yes, it is about hookups, but to be honest, you still need a clear head to understand whether you really want this or not.

The Bottom Line about Transgender Hookup

TS dating sites are great to enhance your chances of finding a perfect partner, a wild hookup, or a supportive friend. These platforms aim to make dating easier and safe for transgenders, who are usually subjected to negativity, harassment, and bullying. However, using the right platform is crucial to successfully find a match. Sites with a limited number of users, low security, bad interface, and low success rate are a waste of time, effort, and money. This is why we have curated a list of the best transgender dating sites after extensive research and testing!


Are all TS hookup sites from rankings safe and trusted?

Yes, all the sites were tested and carefully reviewed by our experts who considered all the most important criteria from billing policies to the quality of features. We can recommend every single one of them to users looking for top transgender dating sites.

Do TS dating sites really work?

It depends on the site you choose but, yes, good TS platforms really work. That’s why you should choose them carefully. If you want to have a great experience, feel free to sign up for and test some of the websites from rankings, like Fling, OneNightFriend, UberHorny—all these sites offer free trials or provide members with a possibility to use all the premium services for just $1 for a few days.

Are TS hookup sites safe enough?

Yes, there are pretty many safe hookup sites on the web. In particular, all the platforms you can find on are carefully checked and tested—they have transparent privacy policies, and their teams do everything to protect members from all dangers of online dating.

How can I protect my personal data on TS dating sites?

Choosing a good hookup site is the best way to avoid most problems. Still, you should also take measures to protect yourself—create a strong password, don’t share your real contact details with strangers, and create a new email address to join the online community. We also recommend using a good VPN when browsing the website.